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Kobus D.
Kobus D.

After re-installing Website X5 I am still experiencing a corruption.  en

Автор: Kobus D.
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Good day,

After many successful programming our, I started to get the error as per attachment.

So on the "programs prognosis" I reinstalled the Website X5 software.

But I am still experiencing the error as I click on the object to brose for the image to be loaded - to be used.

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Esahc ..
Esahc ..

Kobus, based on your screen capture, there appear to be many empty cells.

Please place an object in every cell or row of cells. It can be any object and it need not have any content (in such situations I normally add a text object)

WX5 does not cope well with empty cells, and in my case I have found it falls over when attempting any of the responsive layout options)

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