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Andre E

Linked files on project give error  en

Автор: Andre E
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I wanted to add snow to my project, but the files linked to html code function gives an error. (step1 advanced, statistics and code, tab statistics and code)

It say's :


This path has already been used for another file, and so on, see prtscrn

But i have not added anything yet, if i add a file, it still gives the same error. Also the page goes back to the TAB statistics and gets no refresh so info from statistics tab is also visible, see purple lining.

please check.

For the time being I will add files manually that will get the snow on the page also.

But error needs to be fixed.

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Andre E
Andre E

just opend another project and there it is good, probably a fault in the project, I will try to get it out later.

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