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Entrance Page Of The New User Window Problem  en

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In the new user window of the Access Management/Private Area section there is an function called Entrance page. The Entrance Page option goal according to the Manual is:

"this option takes you to the Sitemap so that you can specify which Page is to be displayed after the User has entered the correct Login and Password".

But it does not work at all and instead of redirecting the User after login to the specific Entrance Page pointed in the New User Window what happen is that the User keeps in the login page protected. So all the Users go to the same login page protected and I can not redirect them to the specific reserved area or page pointed at the Entrance Page Option of the New User Window.

Why is happening that and, please, how I can solve it ?.

My final goal is to redirect every user to their Entrance Page pointed at the Entrance Page option of the New User Window.

Thanks in advance,


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