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V. Houdek
V. Houdek

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Dear All, I buy Template Bestbikes. the Template inside few small mistates which possible fix. But have problem with Menu, see plaese the attachment. The solutiopn for problem fix I find not. Please for support. Thank you. With best regards Vladimir

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Andre E
Andre E

And what is the problem with the menu? I guess you want to see the menu over the whole width of the website?

If you want the menu to be over the complete website then the items inside the menu shout be smaller then the website width, else the menu automaticly switches to the hamburger menu, that you have in your picture.

So make the menu widther (I gues the menu is in the template in that case goto step2, select template content, select correct viewport (colours on the left) then make the menu object widther, but if the menu object is elsewhere look for the menu object and do the same thing make it widther untill you see the menu items.

If you still don't see the menu items, then use less menu items or make the menu buttons smaller.

less menu items -> see that in step 3 there are less same level pages.

menu items smaller, double click menu object and make the width smaller (smaller font's for instance or less space between buttons....)

If it is somethiing else, please tell what the problem is, I can't make it up from your post.


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