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Gerrit D.
Gerrit D.

Uninstalling older versions  en

Автор: Gerrit D.
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I need to make space on my SSD drive.

I notice that versions 11-12-13-14-15- and 16 is still on,y system.

Is it safe to uninstall these older versions...

Asking just incase there are shared files.

I am on verion 17.01.12 at the moment


Gerrit de la Rey

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Andre E
Andre E

You can uninstall them, normaly project stay on your pc.

I would make a copy of all projects you now use using step5 export project and set them on a safe place. if these projects came from earlyer version and you now use them only in v17, you can do so from v17.

If you wish you can also remove projects before uninstalling, this gives you more space, but no way to ga back anymore.

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