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John W.
John W.

Object alignment in a cell  en

Автор: John W.
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I cannot find any info in the forum about aligning objects in a cell.

Seems like the default is pack it into the top left corner.  So for text, you can adjust center or right.

And you can lower text from the top of the cell by adding some line spaces.

But for a graphic, it is top left.  No option for centering or even lining up on the bottom of the cell.

Sometimes a visual presentation would look better with side by side graphics lined up on the bottom.

Am I not seeing the commands for this, or do they just not exist?

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Andre E
Andre E

Hello John,

Good question,

First of all it is not good to use line spaces or enters to create space, these values can vary due to software used by the visitor. But I think you know that already.

Anyway, maybe also informative for others that visit this post.

To give more space on the top or another side as well, use always the inner and outer margins, you can find them on top in the button margin and alignements.

The same button works for pictures as well, including horizontal and vertical alignmement

Hope this helps, if not let me know.

Best Regards,

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John W.
John W.

Very cool, Andre.  I did not realize that button had so many options when its commands window is opened.

Precisely what I was looking for.  Cell by cell control.  Helps a lot!

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