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eyal melamed
eyal melamed

A question before V2019.1.6 upgrade  en

Автор: eyal melamed
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I got the message for upgrading to NEW UPDATES V2019.1.6.

Among other features i saw:

The parallax effect has been improved and disabled for the touch devices and for the last two breakpoints.
For me the parallax effect worked fine for both last breakpoints.

1. I don't understand why it was disabled.

2. Can it be enabled? or after update i wont have it anymore?

I must add, I worked very hard graphically to make it look so nice now and really dont want to cancel it.

Thank you.

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Aleksej H.
Aleksej H.


  1. I do not know why it was done so. 
  2. As far as I can see, this cannot be enabled for the touch devices and for the last two breakpoints. frown
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Stefano G.

Hi Eyal

Several changes were applied to the Parallax. I will try to sum those up for you in order to explain what and why we did these changes:

1_ Parallax n°1: The effect was improved but disabled for both Edge and IE, since the result was not satisfying enough and could cause major flickering on both browsers.

2_ Parallax n°2: The effect was improved slightly, but it was already working okay before

3_ Parallax n°3: The effect was improved for Edge in particular and should now work just fine. The effect was removed in IE since the result was not satisfying enough and could cause major flickering on the browser

The choice to disable the parallax for Edge and IE or for IE only in those particular circumstances comes from the fact that, contrary to before, it is now possible to activate the effect and have most browser users appreciate the effect without damaging others.

If before you were forced to turn the feature off because it would prove to be choppy on certain browsers, now it will simply not be displayed on those same browsers, thus not ruining the experience for the Edge/IE users, while still offering something more to users of the other browsers.

This is the same for mobile phones, which as of today, do not usually make use of parallax due to performance issues, and is best turned off

I hope I made the matter clearer for you

Thank you


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eyal melamed
eyal melamed

Thank you Stefano,

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Just one question ...

Parallax is a feature of the product (bought with the product), but not working enough well on each browser. So Incomedia desactivate it. A quick way to solve an issue and to do a quick dev... or not dev..

Why parallax effect is working with other solutions ? 

Seems not a browser issue but more R&D .tongue-out

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