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David T.

Upload recent changes from last update errors  en

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software error?

When updating website during the time that the PC is switched on each upload from last update will only load recent work.

But if switch off PC then back on the next day any updated changes made from last upload the software uploads the whole project! insted of the recent data!

So why won`t it just do just changed data ????


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Paul M.
Paul M.
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Hello David,

I doubt that there is any error here.

WebSite X5 uses a complex algorithm to work out which files to upload and refresh on the server.  It can often appear as if many unnecessary files are being reuploaded, but bear in mind that even a small change to a project can necessitate many subsequent changes in related files (e.g. css/menu, etc.)

Also, when you first load a project in WebSite X5 you will see a notice 'Creating Project files'...   there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes here, as WebSite X5 sifts through your project data.

Nonetheless I will flag your question for Incomedia's attention.

Kind regards,


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