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Suggestions to Audio Player object update  en

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I am wanting to take this time to also suggest an UPDATE for the Audio Player plugin.  At this time, I feel that it is very limited in use and very restricted in modifications and features.

I am suggesting that this Object gets updated in the following ways:

  1. Adding more "Styles" to the options list we currently have.
  2. Allowing us to EDIT the size of the Cover Image within the player
  3. Allowing us the option to NOT have a Cover Image if we choose. (Currently, if we choose no image, it still shows a big Music Note instead of not showing any image and removing this box altogether)
  4. Allowing us the option of making the Audio Player only appear as a smaller Play Button without any other text or controls.
  5. Allowing the ability to LINK to a Product Page related to the individual music or video track
  6. Making the "Description" feature work better... currently, it only CHANGES the name of the actual track we Add.
  7. If possible, creating an Audio Player option that allows Buy Buttons within the player (probably not possible but still a suggestion).

Any updating of this plugin would better help those of us that use it.  I bought this feature with hopes to use it for my website updates, but have not found it helpful at all as I am trying to create a Shop Catalog for each individual product (such as I currently have here at my site at as an example).  So far I've not had the best of luck as the alignment of the audio player next to the website catalog cards mess up and don't work hand in hand.

Hoping for some updates to the Audio Player perhaps.  Thanks in advance.