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Joris Raats

HTTP ERROR 500 when searching on my website  en

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Since last update, june 2019 The search bar on my website no longer gives results.

I get http error 500 when searching.

Maybe I need an other PHP version on the server? Wich version should I choose? the highest one, 7.3?

Or is there an other solution?

My website is hosted on

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Paul M.
Paul M.
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Hello Joris,

Yes, it will almost certainly be a PHP issue.

It's good practice to always opt for the highest version of PHP available to you: it enhances both security and speed.

I'm running PHP 7.3 in conjunction with WebSite X5 with no issues whatsoever.

If you are able to, update your WebSite X5 project to version 2019.2.5 also -  you seem to be running version 2019.2.3 at the moment, and there have been some bugs fixed.

Kind regards,


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Joris Raats
Joris Raats

Thank You Paul, i did not get update 2019.2.5 in my language (Dutch) but I see there is an update in Englisch.

I'll try to update.

I wonder if i will get later updates again in dutch.

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