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Wes D.

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On our club website we have many pages that locked and access is for club members only. This is working satisfactorily with each member manually registering and then logging when they first access a locked page.

We would now like to add some pages that are accessible only to a select subset of our members. These are all people who are members and therefore already registered so when I try to create a new access group for these special pages and then register the selected members I am stopped because I can't register the same email address in a second group.

Quite possibly trying to do this in the wrong way, so how can I meet my requirement?

Thanks - Wes 

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Paul M.
Paul M.
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Hello Wes,

The key to doing something like this in WebSite X5 is to organise your users/members into 'groups' within the Access Management section.  You can then decide exactly which pages each group should have access to.

There is a detailed explanation of this in the help file:

You can reorganise the groups and move members into different groups even after they have registered, and I think this may be where you are going wrong.  There's no need to try and register the same members again.  Just change which group they belong to, and move them into a different group as necessary.

In your case you need to create at least one more group (which is going to be the group that has the extended privileges)  -  then move the existing users (to which you want to grant special access) into this new group by 'dragging and dropping' them with your mouse into the new group folder in the Access Management screen.

Finally, revisit your Sitemap in Step 3, and set the new pages to be accessible only by the new group you have just created.

Please let us know if you have any difficulty implementing the guidance in the help file.

Kind regards,


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Elisa B.

Hi Wes, 

in addition to Paul's suggestion, if you need the same user to be part of different groups, you simply need to select the entry and then click on the "Create Alias". In this way, you will duplicate the user, the new entry having of course the same login details than the original one, and then drag the alias onto the desired group. Like this:

Please let me know if I can be of further help. Kind regards.

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