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Mairead T.
Mairead T.

Error when exporting - cannot access file as it is locked by another process  en

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Hi - I am new to using Website X5 evolution and have encountered a problem when exporting. My published website is  

When exporting at 47% progress an error appears that states "it is not possible to complete the export. the process cannot access the file because another process has locked a portion of the file" - any suggestions of how to get past this would be appreciated!



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Paul M.
Paul M.

Hello Mairéad,

This is an operating system error as opposed to a specific WebSite X5 error.

In the first instance it would be advisable to either temporarily bypass or add an exception to any antivirus/security software packages on your computer system, as there is a very strong chance that this is interfering with the correct operation of WebSite X5.

Can you advise what Windows operating system you are using, and whether or not you are using WebSite X5 in a 'virtual machine' environment, for example on an Apple Mac?

Kind regards,


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