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How does the Login/Logout object work  en

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I would like to create some private webpages so users would need to sign in using the login/logout object to gain access to them, I’m not too sure how I can achieve this and I cannot find any useful information on how the login/logout object works, can anyone explain how I would go about setting this up or point me in the right direction.

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Paul M.
Paul M.
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Hello Peter,

It's not strictly necessary to use the Login/Logout Object to access protected pages in WebSite X5.

By default, WebSite X5 will present a login screen to any user attempting to access a locked page.  Once they have entered their credentials correctly WebSite X5 will then automatically forward them to the original (protected) page they were trying to view.

The Login/Logout Object merely provides another way of initiating or destroying the browser 'session' which is required before protected pages can be accessed.

You can put the Login/Logout Object on any page, and then, once a user has entered their credentials successfully they will be free to view any relevant locked pages on your site without further prompts.

The Object itself is a very simple one, and the only real customisations which can be achieved are graphics (altering the visual appearance) and text (changing the field names for username/password, etc.)

If you download the Object and try using it in a project I expect you will experience little to no difficulty in doing so.  Obviously you will need to set up Access Management first:

Hope this makes things a bit clearer.

Kind regards,


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