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Effectively, my software has become ineffective on my main computer!

On opening my programme everything loads & seems to works as normal until I go to a web page. On web page I cannot get any Text or Table designated boxes to respond; this happens on any page of my website. All I get is a blank & frozen page, in both situations. Image boxes seem unaffected by this problem.

Note: I say 'on my main computer' because I have a backup on a laptop which works perfectly.

I have tried :

  • re-downloading the full X5 programme but no change was effected.
  • loading a complete new copy of the project taken from the lap top, still no change effected

Clearly, there is something on my computer causing it but after searching various ideas nothing I do clears the problem

Help !

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Paul M.
Paul M.
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Hello Brian,

Have you tried temporarily disabling your antivirus/firewall/security software?  In certain cases these can prevent WebSite X5 from operating.

Assuming WebSite X5 worked correctly until recently, what changes have you made to your computer setup?  Have you installed any new software or Windows updates, etc.?

In rare instances issues with the Microsoft .NET framework can cause these symptoms also, but best to rule out other factors first.

Kind regards,


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Okay, I've now got to the bottom of it - I tell the story FYI !
Prior to this WX5 experience I had serious computer problems which resulted in a new hdd and reistallation of Windows10. This meant I had to re-install all my "user" programmes, most by new downloads. It was after this that my problems began!
To cut a long episode short : in downloading my "user" programmes I obtained a PUP (PUPs, or Potentially Unwanted Programs) going by the name of <Segurazo>, which purports to be an Antivirus Suite. (I don't know which download it piggy-backed on to.)

It took a deal of finding and removing; it didn't show on Uninstaller programme listing, although I'd found it under "Programme Files (x86)"; in the end, I had to get Spyhunter to assist !

Once I cleared it, in immediacy, my problem with X5 continued; but thinking it through I (again!) completely removed WX5 from my computer; restarted the computer;  then reloaded WX5 and my website data.
Yes, problem resolved, everything now working normally.

Moral : beware of PUP's !

Sincere regards to all,

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