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Setting up a MySQL Database errors with 'MySQL Database settings( ) on upload  en

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I have set up a MySQL database on As WebSite X5 tests during upload it messages that it tests PHP and moves on to error with the following message... The following Test failed: MySQL Database settings('my database description').

On the 'What are the minimum requirements for the server?' page it says...

The program carries out its checks on:

  • Installed PHP version
  • Support for sessions
  • Server folder with write access
  • Support for MySQL and database settings

Since during the upload process it displays a message about PHP without an error I assume that I my setup fields are good and I am reaching the database fine. Also, no errors about sessions or write access though no messages displayed about these. The error message is 'MySQL Database settings' so I am assuming there is some form of incompatibility with the Hostway database settings.

I need direction about what to do next. I have queried Hostway but without a response so far. 

Also, does anyone know a U.S. hosting service that they know works with the WebSite X5 SQL database? It may be easier to change hosts than to fix the database problem. 

Thank you very much for your help. 


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