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Additional functions which are missing and which are a problem  ru

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Dear friends, I have a question and at the same time advice on working with the program,

The first question is why there are so few functions in your admin panel)? For example, my company created a website, and the designers created their work, how can my employee working remotely upload news, for example, to my website if I don’t want to give him the whole project of my website)? Why didn’t you create a news editor for your blog or news)? How to add news to the blog from the control panel)? We are now creating a site with news and I will have people who post news on this site!

And one tip, make it possible to beautifully feed the news on the blog, your blog widget extension is very inconvenient, make a choice of the category you want to display, for example, I have a page dedicated to the sport category and a second beauty or fashion page, and so I can choose how many news the user saw and Turn over the news pages in a single category!

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Elisa B.

Hi there!

Thank you for getting in touch. 

I will be happy to report your requests, so they can be taken into consideration for future software development. 

Thanks! Kind regards.

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