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Rajiv S.

Retain pages from old site  en

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i am rebuilding my website with a new template.

1. how can I retain some pages from previous site (built with same x5 but different template)

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Andre E
Andre E

Hello Rajiv S.

It's best to make these new. You can copy for instance the text from within a text object, but make on the other website a new textbox and then just paste the contence.

You can open x5 twice with different project's but don't copy complete objects or pages, this gives (if x5 alows it) almost always error's and strange behavior.

Best is to use the old fashion way.

If you need to find original conten or pictures from the older x5 project use right mouse button, often there you have an option to see file location.

Then add the files from pc in to new object.

Again copy past of pages or objects is not recommended!

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