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Christine C.
Christine C.

Hi Can you help me please. I am using Version pro14  en

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Hi Can you help me please. I am using Version pro14 my and my website is  I would like to make the home and other pages the full width of my computer screen. I am  not that good with this program and I am still trying to set it up for a friend of mine who has asked me if I can expanded  it across the page. If anyone can help I would appreciate it ,but I do need simple instruction maybe with  screen shots to follow.

Kind Regards Christine

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Andre E
Andre E

Hello Christine,

That has been a while....
There is no such function, the only thing you can set is a standard width, you can set this in step2 (template) -> resolution and responsive then edit the red (desktop width)  and make it a little bigger.

You can do full width on the header that gives the idea of a full width website but most of the websites on internet do have a standard width, it's with some effects or smart background (or no background) that gives the idea it's otherwise. Do that by setting the background colour of the webpage (also in the template setting) the same as the background in the template, in most website you will see that white is used, this easyest and clearest to maintain and handle.

to make header same as background;

step2 -> template structure -> 

Do this for all 4 viewports (the coloured line on the left in the header.

below example for second (green) viewport

Let me know if you need more help or some things are not clear.

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