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Christine C.
Christine C.

Have been asking since version 7 Still No Movement on this issue  en

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I would thank all those who has tried to help me. but it is beyound my caperbility to carry out there instructions

The point I am making is X5 has over many many years asked to incorperate these type instructions into their next version. I have come to the Conclusion that X5 do not want to do this because they cannot be bothered. Or They just do not have the knowledge to do it. There is no other reason as to why they have ignored me since version 7 I have purchased all versions up to version Pro 14 but will not purchase any other version as it does not have this password access restriction incorprorated into their Versions . I will just stick with ver Pro 14 and not move on to any other version > COME ON X5 it is time to earn what you are charging for the latest version. NO DOUBT AS USUAL THEY WILL IGNOR ME AS THEY HAVE DONE OVER THE YEARS when it comes to this issue. "INCORPERATE SOMETHING INTO YOUR NEXT VERSION PLEASE". 

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Claudio D.
Claudio D.
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Post doppio !

Comunque, come ti è stato già detto nell'altro post...

bastano un paio di minuti per mettere una password sull'host tramite FileManager dell'Host o altro pannello di controllo...

e funziona con tutti i tipi di host , indipendentemente dalla piattaforma (Linux/Windows) o dal PHP presente... 


Double post !

However, as you were already told in the other post...

it only takes a couple of minutes to put a password on the host via Host FileManager or other control panel...

and it works with all types of hosts , regardless of the platform (Linux/Windows) or PHP present... 

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