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Andre Fabiano S.
Andre Fabiano S.

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Good afternoon,
Here who is talking is Andre I bought several versions of your applications and I would like to get some information from you.
I set up a virtual store for myself and to deliver my products I don't have the option of placing the carriers or creating a direct connection with the company.
Example: here in Brazil we have a company that is Correios do Brasil that delivers goods and we also have several other companies that are freight carriers and do the same service as the post office.
Often customers who buy a product do not want to receive the product from the courier company because the cost is very high and hence customers end up looking for these differentiated companies.
There are companies here in Brazil such as Nuvenshop, Prestashop and also Magento that provide an option in their system for the developer to place the APIs or to integrate these companies into the system.
Do you have any tool that can be used in this way, because I need to create a new site and I also need to renew my license but if I don't have this option I probably won't renew my license because it ends up being unfeasible.

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Aleksej H.
Aleksej H.

Hello. As far as I know, there is no such possibility at the moment.
But it is better to wait for a response from the company's employees.

I sent a notification about your question to the company employees, expect an answer from them here in the comments.

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Elisa B.

Hi Andre, 

thank you for getting in touch. 

Unfortunately, I confirm this feature isn't available, I am sorry about this. 

Thanks! Kind regards.

***** Google Translation:

Olá André,

obrigado por entrar em contato.

Infelizmente, confirmo que este recurso não está disponível. Lamentamos por isso.

Obrigado! Atenciosamente.


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