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Sitemap - products from shopping cart doesn t appear in sitemap  en

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Products that I have added on shopping cart doesn t appear in sitemap. In sitemap appears only pages in which I have added the products from shopping cart and because of this when I search on google my products doesn t appear. Please tell me what to do to improve sitemap.

You can find below a picture with my products from shopping cart, my pages and the link with sitemap.

PS - For a better search on google, every product added on shopping cart should appear in sitemap.

For example, this one - Teava esapament - 122/01600 - Piese Buldo SRL-piese de schimb utilaje

Thank you

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Daniel W.
Daniel W.
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For a shop with many products, it would probably be better to use an external tool to create the sitemap.xml, which follows the website links from the homepage and creates a sitemap.xml file at the end.

Then you would have to switch off sitemap creation on WebsiteX5 under “1 Settings > SEO” so that WebSiteX5 does not overwrite the externally created siemap.xml.

It is not guaranteed whether Google will then include all pages from the externally created sitemap.xml in the index.

An online tool for creating the sitemap.xml is e.g.

>> (German)

I don't run a shop myself, I just set up a demo shop for tests. Maybe the shop operators here in the community can give you tips.

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