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Tina G.
Tina G.

I have 2 sites and I want each site to have different cart messages  en

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I manage 2 sites for my company, one retail and one wholesale, and I need each site to have different messages for the shopping cart Steps 1-4 but currently that is not possible.  I changed all the messages for the wholesale site to reference a quote action (not a purchase). I later found out that all those changes also appeared on the retail site.

The wholesale site is not published yet but can be viewed at

I made the cart message changes on the Genenal Settings page:
General Settings, towards bottom of page is a field for Content Language, at the end of the field is a icon and when clicked it opens lists that allows user to change the messages for different steps in the cart, blog, etc.

I need messages to be different for each site. Any suggestions

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Claudio D.

Hello Tina,

You can create 2 different messages by opening the content language management window and then you select english and then you click on the function to create a new one by clicking the first button with the flag and star. This will duplicate the language you selected and you can give to this one the name Wholesale. Once created then you can edit the messages in it and choose this language for the wholesale website.

In this way the 2 websites will have different messages.

Many thanks!

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