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William Reynolds M.
William Reynolds M.

What about Sliders on my Z5 pro 13 Website?  en

Autor: William Reynolds M.
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How do I get Sliders incorporated into my Z5 Pro 13 website?  And; they need to be fully responsive.  Is this built into this software?  Can I use a third party app/plugin?  Recommendations?  Please.

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Andre E
Andre E

Hello William,

You can buy sliders that are setup for x5 in the shop of Incomedia. There are also a few standard in the program, I not sure what you search for exactly, so take a look yourself. You can see a small preview in the marketplace so you can test yourself if it's to your liking.

See Marketplace, use link on top, then select optional objects. They are also found in step4 top right  manage button, then refresh next page with button on top.

Also you can incorporate sliders that are offered on internet, i have an old tutorial for the wow slider on my test page. But this needs some coding of your self.

or a background slider:

Hope this helps you get om your way.

Best regards,


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