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Terry K.

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I recently ran a defrag on my hard drive, which I do monthly, but this time for some reason it corrupted some of the files on my Website X5 16 Pro installation.  So I uninstalled the program, and reinstalled it.

But now I have an activation problem.  I've activated the program 14 times now, and each time it tells me the activation complete (see attached screenshot).  The problem is, when I then click "Start" the system goes back to the original activation screen, and I have to go through the activation all over again.  Happens every time.  I've also tried exiting the installer after the activation completes, then loading the program, same thing.

So, after 14 tries, I thought I'd check and see if anyone might know why this is happening?  I enter the correct serial, then the correct login information, and it tells it was successful.  But when the program starts it goes right back to the activation system.

Any thoughts would be appreciated...

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Terry K.
Terry K.

Thanks so much for the reply, Andre E.  I checked out the suggestions in that link, and the one that worked was downloading a fresh copy of the installer from my account and reinstalling.  Activation worked first time.

Appreciate the help...

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