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Is Shinystat counter the only object available count how many visitors to a page?

Also, is "counter" the correct terminology, or is there another word of desciption used for counting how many visitors to a page? 

Thank you for you help.

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Paul M.
Paul M.
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Hello David,

You can also use Google Analytics:

or you could use StatCounter (which is my personal favourite):

There are other tracking scripts available if you search for them on Google.

I think you have the Evo edition of WebSite X5, but if you upgrade to the Pro edition then you can also use WebSite X5's own analytics feature:

In terms of accuracy it is likely to be more accurate as regards page counts; however, it does not show as much detail about your visitors in other respects.

Also note that no analytics are 100% accurate for various reasons, although they can give you a good general overview of what is going on.

Page counters, tracking and analytics all kind of mean the same thing in the web world.

Kind regards,


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