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Problems upgradin to Xu pro from V13.

  1. Import old website. Does not work from your menu. The file extension you are filtering on (*.iwzip) does not appear in the old project’s folder. I had to import it by copying the project folder in to the Website pro folder. Specify that as the target triggered the conversion routine. However, that has produced it’s own issues…
  2. The old site did not convert correctly. The size of the font in the drop down menus is too big. That would be a minor irritation but for the fact I cannot find anywhere to find how to change the size of this font, or indeed anything to do with drop down menus. (Believe me, I have looked!)
  3. I get an error message saying the Calibri font in not linked… Never had this on previous versions… What ramifications are there for not having a font linked? Why do I need to link a font? How do I link a font? The application gives no clue as to what and why to go about this.
  4. Project Analysis: Initial display is the Alert List. Clicking on the Errors button to isolate the pages with errors does work, but generally it doesn’t. Irritating when trying find this Calibri issue.
  5. The program does look more modern, however this means the font and line spacing is larger, so one can see less on a screen (1920 x 1080), especially on the Maps page. (not critical, but a little annoying).
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From v13 to v2019 are 5 versions. The differences described by them result from the big version jump.
The iwzip can be generated in v13 by exporting the project.
It is not possible to convert everything perfectly from v13 to v2019, so are as reported div. Rework necessary!
Also read the help for the program.
You should open a post per question, so it is easier to get answers.
Check what can be adjusted with the help. The menu is now an object and no longer part of the template.
Missing fonts are detected more accurately, even if import from word processor without content.


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2. "The old site did not convert correctly. The size of the font in the drop down menus is too big." - The menu is now an object.Look for it in Template Content. Double-click on the object and find the settings you need.

3. "I get an error message saying the Calibri font in not linked… Never had this on previous versions…" - As far as I know this may be a bug in the program (if you have never really used this font).Until I found a normal solution.

"What ramifications are there for not having a font linked?" - none. If the site has text with such a font, it will be displayed with a different font.

"Why do I need to link a font?" - so that the text is displayed with this font.

"How do I link a font?" - This can be done in Text style.

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Tony - to add to the above post,the iwzip must be created in the version of the project you wish to upgrade, it is only very recent versions (v16 & v17?) that can seemlessly upgrade to v2019 (but I have more success importing from iwzip even in later versions and from earlier verions if you simply open them the results can be problematic eg font sizes)

Calibri font is not a websafe font, it never worked but you never noticed. Find an equivalent google font (go to any font selection box, go down the bottom to other font types, add, google fonts and once you have made your selection/s it is available project wide) and replace all occurances throughout your site for a result which is consistent across browsers and platforms. NB adding a google font is project wide, you need to do it for EVERY project individually (this stops bloat in projects which do not require the font)

The analysis could be better, but if you click edit it will take you roughly to where you make changes, as you use v2019 more you will realise that the information provided does actually give the information required. Sadly you will not find reference to a missing font because WX5 (in my opinion foolishly) replaces all occurances of a missing font with the project default font.

I believe the jump from v13 and earlier to v2019 also turns most of the text in header/footer into an image, and menu colors become a background image. We use v2019, we also have ugraded projects, the pain is worth the gain (but PLEASE regularly visit step 5 and export project to create an iwzip, rename (incremental? date?) on creation and you will have multiple fall back positions). Do not rely on trhe built in backup (it fails) especially in the transition period.


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