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Ataur Rahman
Ataur Rahman

How to select country and after automatically ready to select State from selected country  en

Autor: Ataur Rahman
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Dear Team,

I am going to make a online form. When I select a Country from drop-down list the next step it should  automatically select state from selected country. Please guide.

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Paul M.
Paul M.

Hello Ataur,

Unfortunately WebSite X5 doesn't currently have that sort of functionality.  You could open an 'Idea' post to ask the developers to consider adding it as a feature in future upgrades to the software.

You can still add such a form to WebSite X5 using custom code, conditional logic, and the HTML Object.  However, Incomedia don't offer support for third party code or custom code in WebSite X5 projects.

Your best option would probably be to hire a programmer to create such a form taking your own specific requirements into consideration.

Kind regards,


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