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Jiří Szűcs

How to Restore a Project |  en

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Hello, I use WebSite x5 v.13 profesional. Unfortunately, I broke my project and cannot be restored from backup. I don't have the current * .iwzip file.But I have a complete image of the website on my flash drive. Is it possible to renew the project?

Please, can you help me?

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Andre E
Andre E

If you dan't have an *.iwzip file then it is not possible to restore.

You can use the text and pictures offcource, this save's you some time, copy and paste all kind of info from the local site to a new made project.

Save often with step 5 on another medium, so it won't happen again.


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@Andre: not dead ...if he has project directory

May be you have some backup files into backup directory. If it's the case:

  • In your project directory rename  the project.iwprj2 to project.broken
  • Copy onto project directory the latest .iwrprj2 file from bakcup directory
  • Rename it to your project.iwprj2

Try to open it

Latest solution :

Delete fonts.xml file and rename fontsbu.xml to fonts.xml

Do backup before to start somehting

Hope this helps

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