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Romain M.

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For SEO purposes, i asked to a person who create a website with Website X5 to structure pages of the website within categories and display those categories in url's.  

Today url's are :
and i would like url's like :

he is telling me that the actual pages are link to categories, that there is no setting about permalinks/taxinomy/url, he contacted the support who responded that he must rebuilt the website... 

Can you confirm that ? I usually use wordpress, it's only one click to change structure of permalinks, it appears to me it's crazy we can't do that with your software...

have a good one, 


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Stefano G.

Hello Romain

I can confirm that the structure for pages that you mention which is typical of a WordPress installation is currently not present in WebSite X5. The main files for the website will be placed into the root folder and thus appear as or .html according to the extension you're using

Only some special pages such as the cart and blog will display a different url such as this .com/cart or .com/blog/article_name

Please let me know here if there's any further questions I can help you with

Thank you


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