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Abelardo A.
Abelardo A.

Website X5 upgrades, poor content unless you pay!  en

Autor: Abelardo A.
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In the older versions of Website X5, we used to pay for NEW REAL content. Today, the "new versions" brings some technical stuff (more corrrections), and the stuff that brings the real new resources, must be paid by the credits.

Good times when i loved this program, now i'm looking for one that don't make me feeling like a fool that have to pay for every new stuff that is added.

R.I.P Website!

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Stefano G.

Good afternoon Abelardo

I do not believe this to be true at all and I would like to point out why

Considering in the past one new version was released yearly while now more updates are scattered around the year, of course, a single release won't be featuring a number of updates equal to those of a version that has been in the works for a year but simply taking a look at the New features pages of the official website here:

You can see that since June which is not yet a full year still, major improvements were made such as:

1_ Structured Data improvement that allows you to present your business in a modern and professional way on Search Engines plus general improvements to products and blog codes valid for ranking

2_ PayPal Commerce Platform was added which simplifies the payment section of the eCommerce in several different ways plus costing less in fees than the previous version

3_ Comments and Rating object was completely redesigned

4_ A new page dedicated to searching and filtering was created which was a major improvement for the eCommerce part of the software plus shipping costs by a country that wasn't possible before

Many other small improvements were done over these versions and now, with the newest version coming in the upcoming days, you can generate an automatic Product Sheet for e-commerce products, thus making the job of creating personalized pages for products much easier and modern

Considering this is not yet a year worth of upgrades I do believe that much has been done to improve the program although it is understandable that, just like it was before, not all users might benefit from the same improvements. Features that perhaps suit your needs better might be coming in a future version, so I can only advise keeping in touch with us

I remain available for any clarification


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Abelardo A.
Abelardo A.

Stefano, your answer is exactly what i'm talking about:

Structured Data improvement - Technical correction, no new tool!
PayPal Commerce Platform - Technical addition, no new tool!
Comments and Rating object - Technical correction, no new tool!
A new page dedicated to searching and filtering - Technical correction, no new tool!

4 new "features" that are just technical corrections to make the software works better. This isn't new features, are improvements.

Let's see by the other side:

Hover Image - Paid
Bounty - Paid
Flip Clock - Paid
Skill Bar - Paid
Download Button - Paid
Dropbox Gallery - Paid
Phosphor Icons - Paid
Vivid Icons - Paid
Icons8Win10Icons - Paid
Parallax Images - Paid
Logo Slider - Paid
Language Choice - Paid
Tab Focus - Paid
Testimonial - Paid

That's just SOME of the tools that we have "to-pay-to-use", not ALL, there's a lot of other ones.

So we pay for the software, you make corrections that might be just corrections, and you "sell" it like new sutff.

And the real new stuff, we have to pay for almost all of them if we want to have a website with modern tools that will make them just equal to other ones to us or our clients.

Thanks for your answer, you just agreed with my point.

We have to buy the software and pay more for each new tool that Incomedia does for the software, what should be for free, since we pay for a FULL program, not a basic one.

That was what we had in the old days, the NEW versions of the program was FULL of new tools, like new gallerys, buttons, etc.

Best regards!

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Andrzej K.
Andrzej K.


And still there are many unsolved technical problems - no alt tag in all galleries, no local system payment (it is a thing i could pay extra), CMS for customers,...

And what about today premiere of new version 2021.2? I would like to see a new system of creating product pages, but i suppose there is a delay because of errors?

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Luis S.
Luis S.

Exactly this, there's no more resources updates, I wish we could get better and more customizable full width sliders, negative margins for elements, a way to add custom CSS for any element, a way to select wich items we want to hide in desktop view, better Google fonts integration (we can't select a particular type of any given font), a way to select any row (no matter the content) as full width, etc.

Some elements SHOULD BE INCLUDED like justified gallery, icons, Hover Image, Mobile contact, Overlay menu, etc.

I really love the software and I would really love to see it keeping up with design trends and other web design builders.

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Giuseppe Guida
Giuseppe Guida
Andrzej K.
...And what about today premiere of new version 2021.2? I would like to see a new system of creating product pages...

Ciao, in the latest version they integrated the automatic creation of the Product Page with Details and it works really well. You can create everything you see in my example link below from STEP 1 Settings / Advanced / E-commerce Cart / Products, you no longer have to create a separate page with different objects inside it, you find everything in the path indicated above. This is the link:

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