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jabox N.
jabox N.

2023.2 Go installation error "Customized cultures cannot be passed by lcid, o"  en

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i participated in the "Adventskalender" Action an downloaded " WebSite X5 Go"

During the Installion, an Error pops-up.(See attachments)

When Continuing the Installation, with successfull activation and the application starts, and everthings seems to work fine.

However, when restartin after closing the app, i get again the error have activate again.

I logged in in my account, saw my license as active, and downloaded the software again from this place.

The bevavior is the same.

Kind regards

jaboc Nic

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Daniel W.
Daniel W.
Nutzer des Monats EN

Wait to see if the experts have a solution to the Windows problem.

Otherwise, simply click away the error message.


----- Error -----

Customized cultures cannot bei passed by LCID, only by name.

----- Information -----

[MS-LCID]: Windows Language Code Identifier (LCID) Reference

Describes localizable information in Windows. It lists all language code identifiers (LCIDs) available in all versions of Windows.


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