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Sushil S.

X5 and Browser compatibility issues?  en

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Using the latest version of X5 (version 9.x), I designed and published my web-site without any problem. My web-site is

But the problem started when a few users contacted me complaining that they can not fully view my web-site. They could see only the top band and bottom band, but the links on the left and text in the text area were not visible at all.

I contacted my web-host and all was well at that end.

With a lot of work around, I have narrowed it down to browser issue... may be older versions of the browsers may not be compatible with the latest version of X5. Can somebody clarify this and / or if there is anything else?

Thanks all - Sushil

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Cheeky Man
Cheeky Man


Yes there are a lot of browser issues out there......

But fortunately it has nothing to do with X5 V9!! (Your website is perfect with IE 9)

Older browsers don't show most websites and with HTML5 creeping in they will eventually not show at all!!

Years ago we used to inform visitors that the best way to view our website was with "IE" but every browser is having some sort of issue at the moment.....  And NOT updating your system/browsers to keep in line with the new technology on the internet, is just stupid in my opinion!


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