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Gerrit D.
Gerrit D.

What is the benefit of v9 vs V10  en

Autor: Gerrit D.
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So I upgraded from Version 9 to Version 10.

All 6 of my websites have been imported, but I can not see the benefit of V10.

The interface is the same, the options are the same, the layout is the same, the limited editing is the same !!!!

So what have I just paid for?

And dont tell me it is the free graphics, the web is full of free graphics anyway. 

There is not even a "like" button that I can add to sections on my websites...

So is version 10 actually version 9 without bugs.

I am not impressed, it is time to look at alternatives, I have been a loyal user since the very 1st version of website X5, but this is enough now.


Gerrit de la Rey

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Samantha M.

Hi Gerrit!
I'm sorry to see that you are dissapointed.
WebSite X5 Evolution 10 is built to work just like the previous version but it has new functions in it. Have a look at this page please where you will find them listed and please feel free to ask me anything about it, I will be happy to help you.

Thank you,


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