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Alistair S.

Saving Projects v10 Professional to V11 Free  en

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I have produced a website project using Professional v10 and now need to open it on a client's computer using Free v11. Unfortunately I get the following message when I try to open it after importing the project, "The specified project cannot be opened because it was created with a later edition of Website X5 (Professional)."

I do not understand the message because I am using an earlier version of the software. Please can anyone help with a solution?

Thank you

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Andre E
Andre E


Because of more option in the project a lower value X5 can not open it because it can not handle the options that are in V10 Pro. So this will not work. (even if you don't use these options)

Only lower value version can be imported in higher versions.

So if you want the client to be able to change the project then the only thing it to buy a licence. Or customer needs to create it in the free version (or you have too)

Sorry, no better news in this case.

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