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Chad C.
Chad C.

An issue with menu bar and saving names  en

Autor: Chad C.
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I have 8.16 boring, right. But I loved it.  Aftter the update, the menu bar and the text area, are now 1.  So, I cant add a menu.  Secondly, I cannot save a new site, with a name I choose.  It always goes back to same site done before.  And then the verions does not accept the sites I made before.  Love the site, the 8.16 but each new thing I do, screwes things up even more.  What' the deal?  Why can't the old, work like the old...perfeftion.  I love the old verion.  I want it back, badly.  Can someone please offer some solutions?  It's totally madening, and the admin has not gotten back to me.  To have over 799 issues wrong with one thing, means something.  

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Paul M.
Paul M.
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Hello Chad,

Like Andre wrote in his answer to your previous post (, official support for version 8 has now ended:

However, user to user support continues to be an option, of course, and this is what Andre was offering you...  however, you didn't reply to his questions and requests for further information.

Please open only one thread per topic and continue on the original:

This makes it much easier for everyone all round to help and follow the discussion...  many thanks!

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