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Amélie L.
Amélie L.

Size of html+widget cell : how to control it ?  en

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When using the html+widget tool, I get a huge cell which wreaks havoc in the page layout. I would like to better control its size (height is the problem) but I have not succeded so far.

Can anybody help ? I am obviously no expert in html, css...

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Paul M.
Paul M.


You can set the height of an HTML Object in version 10 by clicking on the Object whilst working in Step 3.  This will open the Object properties.  If you look to the bottom right of the screen you will see an option to set the height, and also an option to 'Enable Automatic Height' (please see the screenshot attached).

If you press the F1 key at this stage then this will bring up relevant help from the official WebSite X5 help file, which will allow you a better understanding of how these options work.

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