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Nataliya J.
Nataliya J.

Have to re-format my computer  en

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G'day folks,

I have to completely reformat my computer that I have X5 Evolution 11 on.

What files do I need to save to get them back into X5 after I have reformated the computer and reinstalled X5. Where would I find those files and how do I get them back into X5?



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Paul M.
Paul M.

Hello Nataliya,

You need to export your project(s) in Step 5 as an IWZIP file.  This file contains all the information necessary to recreate your project(s) on a new computer/installation.

Please read this section from the help file for further details:

If you have customised any 'Language Content' then you should also export the relevant XML file in Step 1:

Kind regards,


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