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Arne T.
Arne T.

WebsiteX5 has disappeared on my computer  en

Autor: Arne T.
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When i clicked the icon 'websitex5' this morning, a pop up box on the screen named 'Evolution Activation' told me that "This program will guide you through the Evolution activation process. To continue, click the 'Next' button."

Does this mean that all that i have made/stored earlier in this program is lost?

I have been using this program for 2-3 years now.

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Andre E
Andre E

Normally not, you can reinstall or activate again, the projectts should still be there.

But it is always wise to make a backup of your projects from time to time. or if you have made a lot of changes i would do this also.

export the projects in step5 export project and save them on another medium then you pc (remote hd or mem stick) This way you are always save.

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Elisa B.

Hello Arne, 

did you follow the activation procedure again? Could you work properly with the program after that?

Please let me know. I wish you a lovely day. 

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