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Debra O.
Debra O.

Original TEMPLATE header/footer are showing on mobile screen, instead of custom header/footer  en

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I am using a template for my website but have done a lot of customization, including replacing the template header and footer with my own design.  When I look at the site on my phone, all the responsive design stuff is working fine EXCEPT the header and footer - it shows the original template's header and footer :

Responsive Site is checked in Template / Resolutions and Responsive Design.  Not sure if there is another place I need to indicate that?  

Thank you for your help


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Andre E
Andre E

You need to set the header and footer for all viewports (there are standard 4)

Look at the colours on the left in the header and footer design and walk through them all.

Check in preview the colour bars above in your screen when designing your header and footer (for instance the green viewport) then when designing with preview set the size as clos as possible to yellow (the viewport below green) this way your design wil also work when it is seen from a bigger screen he other way around it could that it's not.

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