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James Becker

Not getting email notification when a new comment is made  en

Autor: James Becker
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I have the comments page set to not display comments until they are approved by the admin and to notify me via email when a new comment is made. However, I am not getting email notification when a new comment is mate at:


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Stefano G.

Hi James

Are you sure emails in general are currently working on your hosting? Do you have any other type of email leaving your domain at the moment?

If not, the issue might be with the emailing system in general and not with comments only.

Try and login to www.yourwebsite' with the credentials given at Step 1 -> User Management for your administrator account, and perform the emailing tests. See if it works there.

If not, try asking your hosting for the correct configuration to use for emails as Step 1 ->  Data Management, so that you can get it to work properly, then test again there

Keep me posted on this

Thank you


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