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Many thanks to both of you for the help and explanation !!Also surprising for me when I changed the name of a subdomain with a domain name (which does not actually exist) and everything is fine, or so it seems.Today I uploaded the site to my subdomain in's a link -

Please help me with a new problem in this project - when I send a message from the contact form, I do not receive an email.I looked at the contact form, but I think I correctly filled everything in it.Do you think I made a mistake?

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Andre E
Andre E

The script that is needed could be a problem when sending it from the webhost. Both should be at same level. Sometimes you need to play with several scripts to get these working. Luckaly x5 made several so most webhost can be adressed.

first thing to do is see what kind of script your webhost demands for sending mail and if it is aloud to use mail adresses that are not from the webhosting / your webisite. Some webhost have these restrictions, check there FAQ.

Check also the php settings from your provider, set this at 7.0 or higher but at least 5.6

Then set x5 on the same level or try another script, you can find them in x5 in step1, advanced TAB, then data  management.

There is a lot on this topic in the helpdesk as well.

Best Regards.

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