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Jonathan W.
Jonathan W.

Image gallery not showing in website preview in v17  en

Autor: Jonathan W.
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I updated to the latest version of v17. I made some chages to the website, including to the homepage image gallery (thumbnails etc) and tried to preview - saw NO gallery images at all in Website Preview (but images are seen in the Page Creation mini-preview). I deleted the images completely from both galleries and reloaded them from the same location on the HD where they have always been (and I didn't change any inage properties) - still no galleries appear in the Website Preview.

I did not export the changes online in case the gallery still didn't appear! So what is up currently: is the OLD version.

Capture of issue with new version is attached. 

My OS is Windows 10.

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Esahc ..
Esahc ..

Jonathan, open wx5 and before opening the project make a copy or if you prefer, open the project, go to step5 export, export project. This is so you have somewhere to return to.

Have you ensured all optional objects have been updated

If still not working can you delete a gallery object and recreate it, does this provide a solution?

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