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Tim W.

Member Only Pages in Web Site X5 Evolution  en

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Can you use the Evolution version to create a Members Only section where each member, such as a club member, is assigned their own username and password when they request a new account?

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Elisa B.

Hi Tim,

thank you for your message. 

In the Evolution version you can have your visitors register to your website: still, while in the Professional version the users can register automatically, in the Evolution version the process is manual. You will in fact need to add a contact form the visitors can use to send you their registration request, so you can create a new user with their login details on Step 1 - Settings > The Advanced section >Access Management.

A part from the user registration, in order to create the Member Only section you will need to set the pages you want to be part of that section as Locked , so the members will need to log in to access them. 

Please let me know if I can be of further help. Kind regards.

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