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Jan Procházka

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Today morning was up-dated my Incomedia Website 17 for version 17.0.11. and after this up date I can't do edit any text block in all project. I preview I can see part of text ion the text object but after editor open there is not nothing diplayed and is not  possible to write any other text.

Together with described problem is not possible view preview of the page. I add printscreen for problem described above with edit of text object (I can see part of text ion the text object). I'm responssible for something about 15 web pages created by Incomedia Website so to solve this problem is very, very important.

Do you have any idea what is happen?

Many thanks Jan

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Jan Procházka
Jan Procházka

The problem was with conflict with Avast Security Antivirus. I removed Avast from computer and then Incomedia Website start work normaly. After reinstall Avast all go on without problems.

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