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Zdenek M.

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I have WebSite Evolution. After the actualization to newest version, I have some errors.

When I open my projetc and make some changes, the window goes white and program gets error "not responding"

I have tried installing on Win7 and Win10. Still the same problem.

When I tried to delete half of my project, the error didn't occure that often.

When I try to create new project, just the "basic", it is OK.

WebSide X5 Exported Project 1 197 158 kB

URL of my website: 

Thank you very much for the help

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Esahc ..
Esahc ..

Zdenek, could you please export your project in step 5 to create an iwzip file, you can then restart WX5 and import the project (this will not overwrite your existing project). If the newly imported project is still unstable you may wish to (temporarily) disable or uninstall your antivirus/firewall/malware protection (one user recently found that AVG blocked the preview).

The only other solution I can think of is to run your project through Optimiser, but at this time this is not possible because we are waiting on an update (Optimiser cannot currently open v17.0.11 or v17.0.12). You have a significant number of large images and slide shows, when Optimiser is available I am sure the performance improvements will be significant both within WX5 and for your users on the web (many of your galleries take quite a while to load).

Please let us know if either of the 1st 2 suggestions help.

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