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Adrian N.
Adrian N.

Image width unwanted change from 6 to 12 pixels  en

Autor: Adrian N.
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Into text control I inserted an image at size 6 px width and 16 px height. Whenever I'm adding an Alternative Text to this image, the width of my image is changing to 12 px (strech an image), and I cannot change it back.

Any suggestion?

(X5 Evolution 17.1.1)

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Stefano G.

Hi Adrian.

This seems to be a very peculiar case which I was unable to reproduce. Right now, I would like to ask you, if possible, if you can perhaps attach here a series of screenshots, or a ZIP file containing more than one, which clearly show the steps you're taking to get this to happen, so that I might analyze the issue more in depth.

This way, it could be easier for me to understand exactly what seems to be going wrong

Please provide this information here for me so that I might better help you out with this

Thank you


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