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Andrew H.
Andrew H.

Emails cant be received/customers cant send  en

Autor: Andrew H.
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Good morning,

Please help, ive just upgraded to your new version of X5, I have uploaded all my sites and now my custmoers cant email me through the websites. 

This is a disaster as Im cant take any booking

Once you fill in the form you are greeted with - 

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home/content/11/8864211/html/res/x5engine.php on line 3947

The emails were fine until I changed to the new version.



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Paul M.
Paul M.
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Hello Andrew,

This error generally indicates that you should update the version of PHP running on your server.

WebSite X5 2019.1 requires a minimum level of PHP 5.6 to operate correctly... see this extract from the Tech Specs (

Tech specs
Perfect on Windows 7 SP1, 8, 10 | Min. screen resolution 1024 x 720
Compatible on Windows and Linux servers. PHP 5.6 and MySQL 5.6 for a few advanced features only.
Internet connection & e-mail account required to activate the product.

If you have access to your webhosting control panel then you will almost certainly be able to make the change yourself...  it is as simple and straightforward as clicking a button or two.

If not then you should contact your webhost with a request for them to do this on your behalf.

Kind regards,


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Andrew H.
Andrew H.

All done,

Thats for the help!

Greatly appreciated,


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