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Google Fonts: Add all styles, not only standard  en

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Adding a Google Font is very helpful as it adds automatically the "include" part in the CSS and offers the font to use in the X5 text objects.

Still only the "standard" font objects are used, no "light" or other styles which might be available.
(@import ',regular,italic,700italic')

A possibility to use other version, especially the "light" ones would be great.

Yes, I know there is the workaround to load the font as a custom font but this is not very userfriendly and can't be done by all users...


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Claudio D.
Claudio D.
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ed aggiungere la possibilità di scegliere di "portare" il google font in locale sul proprio host per non dipendere dall'host di google (ad esempio per le intranet) , come fa ad esempio google-webfonts-helper

and add the possibility to host google web fonts on my own server and not only on google's host (for example for intranet) , like google-webfonts-helper

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