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Rudy D.
Rudy D.

WebsiteX5 v.16 update cant activate!  en

Autor: Rudy D.
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OS System im using: Windows 10 Pro. Fully updated, WebsiteX5 v.16.3

This problem is such a pain.  When an update is done you cannot activate the software. This has happened on 2 computers and more than once...update becomes avail, download and run the update, update done and now activate account with username and password. That is the part that does not work!

Now the instruction is to re-install the app. Clearly there is a issue with the app and it needs fixing. 

Has this issue been dealt with already? 

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Rudy D.
Rudy D.

Hi Paul,

to activate the program after the update completes its asks for the product key and email. Once that info is 

correctly entered it asks for your Username and password to your WebsiteX5 website. Click next and it says 

"activating your license". Then it says "Activation completed!" The activation process was successfully completed. Click Start.

After clicking start the process of activating starts again with a window saying "Website X5 Evolution Activation."

This can be very frustration as the solution from Website X5 is to uninstall the program, download the upto date version of the program and re-install.  That is not a solution!

the other versions (15, 14, 12, even 9) all work fine except this version 16.

Please advise.

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Elisa B.

Hi Rudy,

have you tried downloading the latest release of your version from the "Download" section of your Help Center account? Do you receive an error message as well, and if you do could you please post a screenshot?

Thanks! Kind regards.

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Esahc ..
Esahc ..
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Rudy, please follow Elisa's advise and try a clean install of v16.3.1 from download (your profile).

If v16.3.1 is not available to you, could it be that your Update Protection expired before v16.3.1 was released?

(if v16.3.1 IS available there may be some files that need to be deleted in appdata - so please advise)

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