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Ron B.
Ron B.

Where are my 25 credits?  en

Autor: Ron B.
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Ron B:

I received an emails tell me to use my 25 credits or lose them tomorrow.

When I log on, it shows I have 0 credits.

Where are these 25 credits I'm about to lose?

I've logged on with both my emails addresses (I can't work out how to combine the logins under one email address (the later one).



Paul M (Moderator):

Hello Ron,

I note that you say your credits have not yet expired, and are not due to expire until tomorrow.  I have escalated this issue to Incomedia on your behalf.

Please be aware that it may be the beginning of the week before you receive a reply as they do not work at weekends.

You will need to share confidential account details with Incomedia...  you can do so here:

Please continue to monitor that thread for a reply from the support team.

They will be able to sort the additional email address issue for you there too.

Kind regards,


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